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Little Shop of Horrors. Photo by Jenny Graham


Marketing Campaign

The Pasadena Playhouse, a Tony award-winning regional theatre nestled in Los Angeles, has been a beacon of groundbreaking productions for over a century. With a rich legacy of presenting bold and significant works, the Playhouse continually pushes artistic boundaries.

In Little Shop of Horrors, the creative team set their sights on reviving the cult classic musical with a fresh and reimagined perspective.



We faced a tight 3-4 week timeframe to promote the show before its opening, with limited hours available to collaborate with the cast on developing promotional materials.



  • Produced promotional videos for the production, prioritizing commercial content ahead of rehearsals to maximize impact.

  • Designed and launched targeted paid social ads to effectively reach the desired audience at optimal times.

  • Implemented a comprehensive social media strategy, incorporating behind-the-scenes glimpses through cast Instagram takeovers and partnerships with brands and businesses.

  • Facilitated key art and production still shoots to ensure cohesive visual branding.

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Our teamwork and 360 coverage of Little Shop of Horrors lead to an extension of it's 4-week run, 225% ROAS, and an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, who praised the show's casting and innovation.

Seeing this production go from regional stage to national television proved that Little Shop wasn't a stodgy show stuck in the 80s. With the right storytellers in every corner, it could be as relevant today as it was over 30 years ago.

Little Shop cast on Late Night with James Corden. Photo by Terence Patrick
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