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Doist (2021)



Doist is a bootstrapped, fully remote, and asynchronous-first software company of 100 humans spread across over 35 countries. It's apps, Todoist and Twist, have over 30 million users. 

The goals of #AskDoist week were two-fold: (1) kickstart the new advice column (2) show remote teams everywhere (seasoned or newly transitioned) that yes, remote teams can have it all: camaraderie, collaboration, and flexibility of working anywhere.



Of Doist's 100 fantastic remote workers lies a small and mighty illustration team. To add some flair to the #AskDoist campaign, and continue the 90s sitcom flavor, I worked with our illustrators to create super shareable GIFs. These were used during #AskDoist week and beyond as we released weekly columns.

GIF of 90s sitcom-like intro for Doist. Jackie stops and waves at the camera.


Sitcom Video

I wanted to develop an interactive way to introduce some of our team without it being a standard talking (or waving) head. A conversation in a Twist thread lead to a burst of 90s nostalgia, and the concept of this video.

I created a storyboard, sample video, and guidelines to send to teammates across the globe interested in sharing their lovely faces on the internet. This helped keep the video uniform. Soon, the video became the center of the campaign, and the baseline for all the following social media components used to market #AskDoist week.

In an effort to break down the barriers and hesitations people may have towards remote and async work, we held Instagram takeovers and Twitter AMAs. We even had a giveaway for a 30 minute call with CEO Amir Salihefendic.


The campaign was built to deliver easy, open, and transparent access to the Doist team. In addition to garnering a lot of fodder for future #AskDoist columns, it also allowed us to build better relationships with users. 

AMAs &


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