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Pasadena Playhouse: Animated Logo


Brand Identity & Refresh

To mark a century of theater and pave the way for the next, the Playhouse aimed to revitalize its brand identity while honoring its rich 100-year old history. Teaming up with Pentagram Design Studio (led by Paula Scher) and Mackey Creative Labs, we crafted a vibrant new brand identity and voice, reflecting the Playhouse's new artistic direction and programming.



Our goal was to create a timeless identity that would immediately connect with audiences in Los Angeles and beyond, with the essence of each show distilled through a singular, impactful icon. Our next challenge was to revamp the Playhouse website, aiming to make ticket purchasing enjoyable rather than the current laborious 11-step process.



  • Partnered with Pentagram, Playhouse creative team, and Mackey Labs to cultivate a cohesive brand identity seamlessly integrated across all platforms.

  • Established comprehensive brand guidelines and best practices for the new brand and verbal identity.

  • Performed extensive market and UX research to enhance the website's checkout user experience, streamlining the e-commerce process from 11 steps down to 4.

  • Compiled feedback from various teams and maintained project deadlines to ensure a successful brand launch.

  • Collaborated with Mackey Creative Labs on wireframe testing and the implementation of the hard-coded website and email.

  • Revamped and streamlined the website's roadmap for improved clarity and efficiency.



The transformative rebranding of Pasadena Playhouse heralded a new era of theatrical brilliance and artistic innovation. This overhaul, both onstage and off, garnered widespread acclaim and recognition.

Enhancements to the website sparked a remarkable 145% surge in site traffic, and we saw an increase in centennial membership and general patronage to season productions.

In a crowning achievement, the Playhouse clinched the regional Tony Award in 2023, affirming its place as a beacon of excellence in American theater.

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