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Little Shop of Horrors (2019)

Pasadena Playhouse

The Pasadena Playhouse is a regional Los Angeles theatre who has brought bold, important work to the stage for over 100 years. For Little Shop of Horrors, the creative team sought to bring a reimagined version of a cult classic musical to life.

In my role as Digital Content Manager, I conceptualized and produced all video content, email campaigns, and organic/paid social to promote the L.A. premiere of Little Shop of Horrors.  The success of the production culminated in an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

George Salazar singing in front of a condenser microphone.
GIF of a flower shop that fades to black. A flower opens up it leaves and the screen flashes bright
MJ Rodriguez arranging flowers

A Video-First Campaign

Working with high-profile talent sometimes means that they may be unavailable until well into the rehearsal process. To offset this, we front-loaded some of the promotional content by outsourcing video production to a company in New York. In "Grow for Me" with George Salazar, I created the storyboard, coordinated the venue, secured music rights, and worked with the third-party company.

The secondary piece of front-loaded content was created in tandem with our in-house videographer. This involved a short, stop-motion video that featured the show's most animate, inanimate character, Audrey II. With these two solid videos in tow, we were able to hit the ground running with messaging and ticket sales.



I love the tactical as much as I love the creative parts of social strategy. In my career, the best campaigns run when data informs content. I have a passion for finding the right audience at the right time, so segmentation played a large role in our success in paid social. At the end of the run, we had an ROI of 225% after an original ad investment of $10,000.

Instead of casting a wide net with one piece of content, we provided tailored ad copy for:

• Prospect audiences (based on affinity)

• Returning audiences (SQL-pulled customer list)

• Bottom-funnel audiences (Abandoned cart list)

A skeleton hand sits atop two ice cream sandwiches. Leaves are in the background.
Brittany Campbell sits scrolling on her phone. Audrey II sits next to her.
Three Little Shop seed packets.



Our social strategy was "show, not tell." In an effort to give audiences a look behind the curtain, I coordinated every other week Instagram takeovers to amplify the show's organic marketing. 

Through the show's run, we also partnered with Jacob Maarse Flowershop, The Stand, and Coolhaus to amp up the Little Shop experience. Our partners created limited-time menu items and custom seed packets so audiences could take home their own piece of the show.

CleanShot 2022-05-16 at 20.37.19.gif

National Acclaim

Our 360 coverage of Little Shop of Horrors lead to an extension of it's 4-week run and an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, who praised the show's  casting and artistic wit.

Seeing this production go from regional stage to national television proved that Little Shop wasn't a stodgy show stuck in the 80s. With the right storytellers in every corner of its production, artistic and marketing alike, it could be as relevant today as it was 30+ years ago.

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